World Standings and Average Race Headed Into Round 9
Caleb Smidt Roping at the NFR
Caleb Smidt grew his aggregate lead in Round 8. Photo by Jamie Arviso.

The tie-down roping is a young field this year at the National Finals Rodeo. The group of top 15 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association ropers is led in both the average and world standings by three-time World Champion, 33-year-old Caleb Smidt.

The World Race

Smidt entered the competition with $149,516 earned. First-place finishes in Rounds 1 and 2 netted him nearly $60,000. All said and done, he’s earned $151,071 at the NFR alone. Headed into Round 9, he has roughly a $40,000 lead over 2020 World Champ Shad Mayfield with $300,587 in world earnings.

Mayfield is second in the world standings with $269,963 earned—$66,428 of which he’s rounded up throughout the NFR.

If the average was concluded after Round 8, Smidt’s lead in the average of 64.20/8 on seven head—plus the $74,150 average championship check—would bag him the 2022 World Championship.

World StandingsContestantPost round-8 rankings
1Caleb Smidt$300,587
2Shad Mayfield$269,936
3John Douch$237,121
4Kincade Henry$217,107
5Hunter Herrin$211,045
6Cory Solomon$197,682
7Riley Webb (R)$188,597
8Haven Meged$188,267
9Marty Yates$187,067
10Zach Jongbloed$174,269
11Shane Hanchey$154,908
12Tuf Cooper$151,636
13Tyler Milligan$135,702
14Macon Murphy$130,716
15Ty Harris$128,937

The Average Forecast

Those with seven catches heading into Round 9 are World Champions Smidt, Mayfeild, Haven Meged and Shane Hanchey; multi-year NFR qualifiers Cory Solomon and Tyler Milligan; and NFR first-timers Zack Jongbloed and Macon Murphy.

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Aggregate StandingsContestantAggregate
1Caleb Smidt64.20/8
2Cory Solomon72.80/8
3Zach Jongbloed78.30/8
4Shad Mayfield92.80/8
5Macon Murphy95.40/8
6Haven Meged96.50/8
7Tyler Milligan101.60/8
8Shane Hanchey104.30/8
9Riley Webb66.80/7
10Hunter Herrin71.20/7
11Ty Harris71.20/7
12Marty Yates53.30/6
13Kincade Henry38.5/5
14John Douch31.50/4
15Tuf Cooper33.90/3

One thing is for certain: There are no sure bets as the ropers head back into the Thomas & Mack for Round 9. Tune in to more calf roping coverage every night on