The Big Ones: 2023 NFR Round 2 Calf Report
The draw and notes for Round 2 of the 2023 NFR tie-down roping.
John Douch about to deliver his rope.
John Douch took the win in Round 1 of the 2023 NFR. | Photo by Jamie Arviso

The big pen of tie-down calves make their first appearance inside the Thomas & Mack for Round 2 of the 2023 NFR. Though size is on their side, Shane Hanchey trusts there will still be plenty of opportunities for fast times in the round. Here’s the notes on the Round 2 calves, courtesy Taylor Hanchey and Destri Devenport.

John Douch: 60

Really good.

Brushton Minton: 53

Wild on the end of the rope.

Beau Cooper: 67

Waspy on the end of the rope. Medium+

2023 NFR Results HERE

Blane Cox: 26

Good, smaller.

Kincade Henry: 42


Cory Solomon: 17


Caleb Smidt: 14

Okay; Kicked a little.

Westyn Hughes: 23


Ty Harris: 15

A little waspy.

Shane Hanchey: 4

Good; Easy Handling

Haven Meged: 39

Came up the rope, but ok to tie.

Shad Mayfield: 3

Big and good.

Riley Webb: 43

Good but strained a little.

Tuf Cooper: 2

Really good.

Hunter Herrin: 58