Middle of the Pack: 2023 NFR Round 7 Calf Report
Draw, previous times and total money won on each calf for Round 7.
John Douch roping a calf to win Round 1 of the 2023 NFR.
John Douch winning Round 1. | Jamie Arviso Photo

The first pen of tie-down calves at the 2023 NFR are back for their third appearance. The medium-sized pen ran in Round 1 where John Douch took the win on calf 70 with a 7.7. They returned in Round 4, and Shad Mayfield tied calf 32 in 6.9 seconds to win the round.

Here’s who’s got which calf, how they performed in the first and fourth round and how much money has been won on each calf between the first and fourth rounds.

Round 7Calf Round 1Round 1 TimeRound 4Round 4 TimeTotal Money Won So Far
Haven Meged32Ty Harris8.4Shad Mayfield6.9$46,307 
Shad Mayfield64Caleb Smidt                    16.8Tuf Cooper7.218325
Riley Webb16Kincade Henry12.1Westyn Hughes7.64953
Tuf Cooper70Jon Douch     7.7Shane Hanchey7.5$38,630 
Hunter Herrin18Westyn Hughes8.4Haven Meged7.4$28,478 
John Douch31Hunter Herrin9.2Brushton Minton9.8$0 
Brushton Minton34Blane Cox  7.9Riley Webb7.1$48,536 
Beau Cooper9Riley Webb8.7John Douch8.2$6,438 
Blane Cox13EXTRAEXTRABeau CooperNT$0 
Kincade Henry52Haven Meged8.8Blane Cox8.8$0 
Cory Solomon57Beau Cooper     NTTy Harris11$0 
Caleb Smidt46EXTRAEXTRAHunter Herrin23.5$0 
Westyn Hughes21Shad Mayfield    10Cory Solomon8.4$0 
Ty Harris54Tuf Cooper8.8Kincade Henry8.3$0 
Shane Hanchey40Brushton Minton19.8Caleb Smidt10.1$0