NFR Rookie Draws High-Money Calf in Round 9
Who's got a chance for cash in Round 9?

The small pen of calves is back for Round 9, and one calf stands out. Beau Cooper has drawn the money calf two nights in a row, now with calf 74. Calf 74 was the round-winning draw in both Round 3 and Round 6. Riley Webb won the third round on him with a 6.9, and Caleb Smidt won Round 6 with a 6.8. Between Webb and Smidt, $61,412 has been won on calf 74.

CalfRound 3Round 3 TimeRound 6Round 6 TimeTotal Money Won
Hunter Herrin51Brushton Minton10.1Westyn Hughes21.8 $0  
John Douch55Shad Mayfield0Riley Webb7.7 $0
Brushton Minton35Cory Solomon7Kincade Henry8.5 $24,268.00 
Beau Cooper74Riley Webb6.9Caleb Smidt6.8 $61,412.00 
Blane Cox7Shane Hanchey17.2John Douch9.6 $0 
Kincade Henry45Tuf Cooper7.7Blane Cox9.6 $10,401.00 
Cory Solomon38Hunter Herrin7.5Beau Cooper10 $18,325.00 
Caleb Smidt75Westyn Hughes8.3Shane Hanchey7.5 $7,429.00 
Westyn Hughes59John Douch8.8Brushton Minton9.5 $0 
Ty Harris30Caleb Smidt8.8Shad Mayfield7.4 $13,042.00 
Shane Hanchey71Haven Meged7.7Hunter Herrin7.4 $23,443.00 
Haven Meged36Ty Harris9.1Tuf Cooper7.2 $24,268.00 
Shad Mayfield20Blane Cox8.3Cory Solomon21.6 $2,476.00 
Riley Webb49Beau Cooper0Ty Harris9.5 $0   
Tuf Cooper27Kincade Henry8.5Haven Meged7.4 $13,042.00