Full 2023 CNFR Tie Down Roping Results

Round-by-round results from the 2023 College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming.
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The 2023 College National Finals Rodeo is underway in Casper, Wyoming, June 11-17. Here’s a look at how the competition is shaking out, round by round.

Kincade Henry roping his first-round calf at the 2023 CNFR.
2022 CNFR champion Kincade Henry takes the first-round win at the 2023 CNFR. Jackie Jensen Photography.

Round 1

By Maci Meads, courtesy CNFR

Kincade Henry is no stranger to the Ford Wyoming Center in Casper, Wyoming. The 21-year-old junior from Mt. Pleasant, Texas, is the reigning 2022 CNFR tie down roping champion. This is also his third trip to the College National Finals in his college rodeo career and one of many for the Henry family as his mother and sister both competed at the CNFR. The Texas A&M Commerce agricultural business major took the lead with a quick time of 8.3 for the first round on Monday, June 12. This isn’t Kincade’s first experience with success in a yellow arena, either; he had his first qualification for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2022 where he ended the week 13th in the average with a score of 60.4 seconds on six head. 

Texas Tech University’s Jacob Walters took the second-place spot in the first round standings with a strong time of 8.6. Originally from Colorado City, Texas, the 20-year-old junior is studying agricultural communications. This is Jacob’s first trip to the CNFR, and he looks forward to seeing how the rest of the week goes in the tie down roping.

To round out the top three, UT Martin’s Cole Walker finished with a time of 9.3. Walker calls Sparta, Tennessee, home and is a current senior majoring in farm and ranch management. This will be the third CNFR for the 22-year-old cowboy, and he had the honor of being the 2022 CNFR all-around champion. He will be competing in both the tie down and team roping this year.


1.      Kincade C. Henry (TXAMUC) – 8.3

2.      Jacob L. Walters (TXTUL) – 8.6

3.      Cole Walker (UTNM) – 9.3

3.      Bode W. Spring (MTSU) – 9.3

5.      Quade D. Hiatt    (WTXAMU) – 9.7

6.      Ty C. Christensen (UMTW) – 9.9

7.      Connor B. Atkinson (TXAMU)         – 10.0

8.      Bodie J. Mattson (UWY) – 10.1

9.      Daniel R. Miranda (CAPSLO) – 10.2

10.    Colton D. Carlson (USD) – 10.3

Round 2

By Maci Meads, courtesy CNFR

Kincade Henry roping his calf in the second round of the 2023 CNFR.
Kincade Henry split the second-round win at the 2023 CNFR. Jackie Jensen Photography.

The tie down roping contestants weren’t afraid to share the success during round two of the CNFR. Two impressive ties were seen on the leaderboard with a quick 8.1 for both Kincade Henry and Kass Newman. Bodie Mattson grabbed third with a strong 8.4, and Cody Stewart and Mason Theriot rounded out the top five, each with an 8.9.

Kincade Henry now has two back-to-back round wins at his third CNFR. Henry is 16.4 on two and looks forward to continuing the success throughout the rest of the week. Central Arizona College’s Kass Newman also earned the first-place standing and created a strong start to his first-ever CNFR. 

Kass Newman roping his calf in the second round of the 2023 CNFR.
Kass Newman split the second round of the 2023 CNFR with Kincade Henry. Jackie Jensen Photography.

Bodie Mattson placed third with a solid time of 8.4. The University of Wyoming junior has had a successful college rodeo career so far with this being his third CNFR qualification as well as being the 2022 Rookie Roundup champion.

Mason Theriot’s first trip to the CNFR in the calf roping started on a successful note by splitting fourth and fifth with an 8.9. The 19-year-old Pearl River Community College sophomore was the 2023 tie down roping champion of the Ozark Region. Theriot tied with CNFR veteran, Cody Stewart, who has qualified an impressive four times. Stewart is a senior at Feather River Community College and previously made the short round in 2022 and placed top ten in the average. 


1.      Kincade C. Henry (TXAMUC) – 8.1

1.      Kass S. Newman (CAZC) – 8.1

3.      Bodie J. Mattson (UWY) – 8.4

4.      Mason S. Theriot (PEARL) – 8.9

4.      Cody M. Stewart (FEATHR) – 8.9

6.      Daniel R. Miranda (CAPSLO) – 9.0

7.      Connor B. Atkinson (TXAMU) – 9.3

8.      Cutter C. Carpenter (TXAMUC) – 9.4

9.      Cole T. Dodds (FEATHR) – 10.1

10.    Drake P. Wycherley (WEBER) – 10.2

10.    Hiyo M. Yazzie (NAVAJO) – 10.2

10.    Quade D. Hiatt (WTXAMU) – 10.2

10.    Slade Wood (SWTXJC) – 10.2

Round 3

By Grace Skavdahl, courtesy CNFR

It’s the final countdown at the CNFR, and the calf ropers are bringing the heat.

Quade Hiatt roping his calf in the third round of the 2023 CNFR.
Quade Hiatt roped his third-round calf in 8.2 seconds to win the round and advance to Saturday’s short round at the 2023 CNFR. Jackie Jensen Photography.

Quade Hiatt, a graduated senior from West Texas A&M University, took the third-round win with an 8.2-second run. His run puts him 28.1 on three head to go into Saturday night’s short round second in the average behind Kincade Henry.

Treasure Valley Community College’s Cole Eiguren posted an 8.3 in the third round to finish second in the round and move into the No. 6 spot in the average with a 29.3 on three head. Denton Oestmann from Northwestern Oklahoma State University roped his third and final calf in 8.4 seconds to round out the top three in the third round.


1.      Quade D. Hiatt  (WTXAMU) – 8.2

2.      Cole A. Eiguren (TVCC) – 8.3

3.      Denton R. Oestmann (NWOKSU) – 8.4

4.      Cael Stratton (CAZC) – 8.7

5.      Kincade C. Henry (TXAMUC) – 9.0

5.      Marley A. Berger (SWOKSU) – 9.0

7.      Cutter C. Carpenter (TXAMUC        ) – 9.1

7.      Chance N. Derner (LARMIE) – 9.1

9.      Connor B. Atkinson (TXAMU) – 9.2

9.      Kota C. Wilhite    Yes (UWAL) – 9.2

Average Standings

*The following will compete Saturday, June 17, 2023 in the short round for a shot at a national title.

1.      Kincade C. Henry (TXAMUC) – 25.4/3

2.      Quade D. Hiatt (WTXAMU) – 28.1/3

3.      Bodie J. Mattson (UWY) – 28.4/3

4.      Connor B. Atkinson (TXAMU) – 28.5/3

5.      Cutter C. Carpenter (TXAMUC) – 29.2/3

6.      Cole A. Eiguren (TVCC) – 29.3/3

7.      Bode W. Spring (MTSU) – 29.7/3

8.      Cole Walker (UTNM   ) – 30.1       /3

9.      Daniel R. Miranda (CAPSLO) – 30.9/3

10.    Logan J. Smith (NWC) – 33.5/3

11.    Marley A. Berger (SWOKSU) – 35.1      /3

12.    Cottar D. Deveraux (UVU) – 36.3/3


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