Garrett Jacobs Bags $14,165 and Takes NFR Open Title Back to Turquoise Circuit
National Circuit titles are on the line as the 2023 NFR Open kicks off Tuesday, July 11, 2023, in Colorado Springs.
Michael Otero roping his first calf at the 2023 NFR Open.
Michael Otero leads the first round of the 2023 NFR Open with an 8.3. | Tanya Hamner photo

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pike’s Peak or Bust NFR Open tie-down roping that ended on July, 16, 2023.

Collegiate athlete and Turquoise Circuit qualifier, Garrett Jacobs, was quiet through the first two rounds of competition, only grabbing a sixth-place paycheck in the second round of competition in Colorado Springs, Colorado. However, he was red-hot despite the deep mud on Saturday and won both the eight-man and four-man final rounds of competition in 10.2 and 8.6 seconds, respectively, to earn the overall event championship and take home a major payday of $14,165.

NFR Open Tie-Down Roping Results

First round: 1. Michael Otero, 8.3 seconds, $5,666; 2. Haven Meged, 9.1, $4,293; 3. Jerry Adamson, 9.6, $3,091; 4. Jake Pratt, 10.0, $2,060; 5. Matt Shiozawa, 10.3, $1,202; 6. Lucas Potter, 10.4, $859

Second round: 1. West Smith, 8.5 seconds, $5,666; 2. Colton Farquer, 8.6, $4,293; 3. (tie) Michael Otero and Clayton Smith, 9.2, $2,576 each; 5. Chet Weitz, 10.6, $1,202; 6. (tie) Garrett Jacobs and Jake Pratt, 10.8, $429 each

Third round: 1. Garrett Jacobs, 10.2 seconds, $6,868; 2. Haven Meged, 10.4, $5,151; 3. Jake Pratt, 11.0, $3,434; 4. Clayton Smith, 11.1, $1,717

Finals: 1. Garrett Jacobs, 8.6 seconds, $6,868; 2. Haven Meged, 10.7, $5,151; 3. Clayton Smith, 12.7, $3,434; 4. Jake Pratt, 12.8, $1,717

Average leaders: 1. Garrett Jacobs, 40.4 seconds on four head; 2. Haven Meged, 41.7; 3. Jake Pratt, 44.6; 4. Clayton Smith, 45.0; 5. Michael Otero, 17.5 on two head; 6. Lucas Potter, 22.0.

The most prestigious rodeo under the PRCA circuit system, the 2023 NFR Open powered by RAM, will feature some of the best in ProRodeo starting Tuesday, July 11. Two contestants from each of the 12 U.S. Circuits and Canada, plus the national champions from Mexico, will take on the Norris Penrose Event Center in Colorado Springs over seven performances July 11-15. 


The NFR Open powered by Ram, formerly titled the RAM National Circuit Finals, is one of the highest paying events of the year with $1 million in payouts.

Where and When?

Norris Penrose Event Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. July 11-15, 2023.

Tuesday, July 117 p.m. (MST)
Wednesday, July 127 p.m. (MST)
Thursday, July 137 p.m. (MST)
Friday, July 14Noon (MST)
Friday, July 147 p.m. (MST)
Saturday, July 15Noon (MST)
Saturday, July 157 p.m. (MST)

NFR Open Format

The tournament-style NFR Open determines the national circuit champions in each event. 

All 27 qualifiers from 13 circuits plus Mexico compete in the two long rounds with nine contestants in each of the three performances. The top eight from the preliminary rounds advance to the clean-slate semifinal round, with all previous times thrown out. The top four move on to the final, sudden-death round determining the national circuit champion in each event. Because the top four contestants begin with a clean slate in the Gold Buckle Round, each one has an equal opportunity to claim an NFR Open title.

2023 NFR Open format diagram


The year-end circuit champion and the circuit finals average winners from each circuit (13 year-end champs and 13 average champions) plus the national champions from Mexico will compete at the NFR Open.

Thursday, July 12, 2023 Draw

1Victor Banuelos  Chihuahua, CH
2 Roy Lee Marshall, MO
3Clayton Smith Eckville, AB
4 Chet Weitz London, TX
5Lucas Potter  Maple City, KS
6Cash Enderli  Liberty, TX
7Richard Newton  Portales, NM
8Haven Meged  Miles City, MT
9Clint Kindred Oral, SD