Full List of WPRA’s Tie-Down Roping World Champions
The handy ladies of the Women's Professional Rodeo Association who earned gold buckles in the tie-down roping.

The WPRA has crowned tie-down roping (or calf roping) world champions since its inception in 1948—some 75 years ago.

Here is the full list of ladies who hold a gold buckle in the tie-down roping in the WPRA.

 Year WPRA Tie-Down Roping World Champion
2022Tanegai Zilverberg
2021Kari Nixon
2020Montanna “Gracie” Gambino
2019Montanna “Gracie” Gambino
2018Kelsie Chace
2017Kari Nixon
2016Donene Taylor
2015Kari Nixon
2014Jackie Hobbs Crawford
2013Jackie Hobbs
2012Kelsie Chace
2011Kari Woodall
2010Jackie Hobbs
2009Jackie Hobbs
2008Jackie Hobbs
2007Kelly Lawrence
2006Kelly Lawrence
2005Kim Williamson
2004Kelly Lawrence
2003Nora Hunt
2002Teresa Bilyeu
2001Kelly Lawrence
2000Sandy Hodge
1999JJ Hampton
1998JJ Hampton
1997JJ Hampton
1996Jeana Brooks
1995Jeana Brooks
1994JJ Hampton
1993Jayme Reaves-Marcrum
1992Jeana Brooks
1991Jeana Brooks
1990Rhonda Harrison
1989Edee Hurst
1988Jeana Brooks
1987Jeana Brooks
1986Jeana Brooks
1985Rhonda Harrison
1984Jan Howell
1983Betty Gayle Cooper
1982Betty Gayle Cooper
1981Betty Gayle Cooper
1980Gloria Paulsen
1979Betty Gayle Cooper
1978Kathy Kennedy
1977Jennifer Haynes
1976Bonny Pleasant
1975Jimmie Gibbs Munroe
1974Sue Pirtle
1973Sheila Bussey
1972No records
1971No records
1970Betty Dusek
1969Betty Dusek
1968Betty Dusek
1967Wanda Harper Bush
1966Wanda Harper Bush
1965Rosalyn Mitchell
1964Wanda Harper Bush
1963No records
1962Wanda Harper Bush
1961Betty Dusek
1960Wanda Harper Bush
1959Fay Ann Horton Leach
1958Betty Dusek
1957Fay Ann Horton Leach
1956Wanda Harper Bush
1955Wanda Harper Bush
1954Wanda Harper Bush
1953Wanda Harper Bush
1952Wanda Harper Bush
1951Wanda Harper Bush
1950Blanch Alitzer Smith
1949Betty Dusek
1948Betty Dusek