Jackie Crawford Wins Tie-Down World Championship at 2023 WPRA Finals, Brings Overall Total to 23
Jackie Crawford won the calf roping and the heading at the 2023 WPRA Finals to add another three championships to her resume.
Jackie Crawford Poses with her three new World Championship Saddles. Photo by James Phifer

Jackie Crawford earned three World Championships at the 2023 WPRA Finals in Waco including tie-down roping, bringing her grand total to 23.

When she entered the finals, her goal was to win her tenth all around championship—and she won the tie-down roping and heading in the process.

“I am at a loss for words,” Crawford stated shortly after picking up all her prize package haul. “I had my sights set on one thing when I first started and so I entered the tie-down for the all-around race as I thought it would be cool to win one more. Then the more I got to looking at the standings I realized I had a shot at more. My sights were on the all-around and trying to accomplish that goal and a few things fell into place this weekend for me to leave with more. I can’t believe it.”

Jackie Crawford dismounts during a calf roping run at the 2023 WPRA Finals.
Jackie Crawford dismounts during a tie-down roping run at the 2023 WPRA Finals. Photo courtesy WPRA

Crawford won her 10th all-around title after pocketing $8,152 with earnings from team roping, tie-down and breakaway roping. She edged Annette Stahl for the all-around title. Stahl from Salt Flat, Texas, finished with $6,645 on the year in the all-around race competing on both ends of the team roping.

Crawford teamed with Stahl to capture the world title in the team roping heading category. The 2023 team roping title bumps Crawford’s total in team roping to four titles now. Crawford finished the year with $16,845 to outdistance Bailey Gubert who finished as the reserve world champion with $13,874.

Stahl also picked up her fourth world title on the heeling side. She finished the year with $14,425 while reigning world champion Lorraine Moreno was second with $14,223.

Crawford finished the trifecta winning the tie-down roping world title with $2,388 surpassing Audrey Cunningham with $2,102. Crawford also won the average title in the tie-down roping in Waco with a total time of 44.0 seconds on three head. She now has six world titles in tie-down roping alone.

WPRA Finals Tie-Down Results:

First round: 1. Sawyer Gilbert, Buffalo, SD, 12.6 seconds, $801; 2. Jackie Crawford, Stephenville, TX, 13.8, $663; 3. Kodi Hansen, Cimarron, KS, 14.2, $525; 4. Kelsie Domer, Dublin, TX, 16.2, $387; 5. Amanda Coleman, Stephenville, TX, 16.5, $249; 6. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, Springtown, TX, 17.3, $138.

Second round: 1. KC-Gail Churchill, Waco, TX, 11.1 seconds, $801; 2. Harley Pryor, Moore Haven, FL, 12.0, $663; 3. Jackie Crawford, Stephenville, TX, 14.8, $525; 4. Bailey Gubert, Hungerford, TX, 15.4, $387; 5. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, Springtown, TX, 17.3, $249; 6. Audrey Cunningham, Luling, TX, 17.5, $138.

Third round: 1. Audrey Cunningham, Luling, TX, 11.8 seconds, $801; 2. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, Springtown, TX, 12.7, $663; 3. Bailey Gubert, Hungerford, TX, 13.1, $525; 4. Harley Pryor, Moore Haven, FL, 13.9, $387; 5. (tie) Gracie Gambino, Lindale, TX and Taylor Munsell, Alva, OK, 15.1, $193 each.

Average: 1. Jackie Crawford, Stephenville, TX, 44.0 seconds on three head, $1,201; 2. Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, Springtown, 44.0 seconds on three, $994; 3. Harley Pryor, Moore Haven, FL, 56.3, $787; 4. Taylor Munsell, Alva, OK, 59.2, $580; 5. Bailey Gubert, Hungerford, TX, 60.8, $373; 6. Quincy Sullivan, Peralta, NM, 65.7, $207.