Haven Meged Wins 2023 NFR Average, Sets New Record on 10 Head
Haven Meged won $216,195 throughout the 2023 NFR, breaking both the arena and average record.
Haven Meged proved his staying power throughout the NFR, winning the average and setting a new record with a time or 77.4 seconds on 10 head.
Haven Meged proved his staying power throughout the NFR, winning the average and setting a new record with a time or 77.4 seconds on 10 head. Photo by Jamie Arviso

Haven Meged is the 2023 NFR Tie-Down Average champion, roping all 10 in 77.40 seconds and breaking Shane Hanchey’s 2013 record.

Meged earned $216,195 throughout the 10 rounds of the NFR, and set a new arena record of 6.4 seconds in Round 7, besting the previous record of 6.5 seconds held by Trevor Brazile, Cody Ohl and Shad Mayfield. His effort was fueled by a desire to catch No. 1 Riley Webb, who put together a season of domination resulting in his first World Championship.

“I’m feeling great,” Meged, 25, said. “I came here for a gold buckle, but being able to break two records means the world to me. Everyone sets their goals, and I knew coming into this week I had to put it all on the line. I wasn’t roping for an average title. I was here to try to win a gold buckle. It’s cool that [the average] worked out. I’m not disappointed, I gave it all I had.

Round 10

Meged had to rope his Round 10 calf in 11.3 seconds to defeat Hanchey’s record. His calf wasn’t the pick of the group, so he focused on “getting by” the bovine.

“I thought the calf was going to be a little better when I had him almost tied, and then he kicked a little and it worried me,” Meged said. “I’m glad I hadn’t tied my hooey and could cinch him up more, because he would have gotten up.”

Round 10 was Meged’s longest time of the NFR at 8.7 seconds, but his businesslike demeanor meant the challenging calf wouldn’t stop him.

Haven Meged’s Path to the 2023 NFR Tie-Down Average

Round 18.8
Round 27.4$24,268
Round 37.7$10,401
Round 47.4$12,877
Round 58.1$12,877
Round 67.4$13,042
Round 76.4$30,706
Round 87.7$18,325
Round 97.8$4,953
Round 108.7

Haven Meged’s horsepower

Meged rode 6-year-gelding “Lil Punch,” registered as For Goodness Shakes, for Rounds 2-9.

“He stood in the box every single night, hit the barrier and gave it his all,” Meged said. “For a 6-year-old that’s never been to an indoor rodeo, it was pretty cool to able for him to be so consistent. I feel like he’s going to get better with age—he’s going to get sharper and better every single run.”

 Lil Punch was trained by Meged’s wife and 2023 Breakaway World Champion Shelby. He praised her training prowess and thanked her for her support throughout the year.

Meged says he doesn’t plan to change much heading into the winter rodeos and he feels confident with Lil Punch in his trailer.

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