The American Rodeo Contender Finals Calf Roping Roster
The American Contender Finals calf ropers have been determined and will go head-to-head in Abilene, Texas.
Colton Farquer qualified for The American Contender Finals via the Western Region with a time of 9.05 seconds in the short round.
Colton Farquer qualified for The American Contender Finals via the Western Region with a time of 9.05 seconds in the short round. Photo by Click Thompson courtesy Teton Ridge

The 15 calf ropers competing at The American Contender Tournament Finals in Abilene, Texas, on Feb. 10, 2024, have been determined—and the field is shaping up to be a gritty one.

The top five competitors from the three regions—West, East and Central—will be whittled down to five that will rope for a $1 million payday at The American Rodeo in Arlington, Texas, on Mar. 9, 2024.

American Contender Tournament West Region qualifiers

  1. Colton Farquer – 9.05 – $10,000
  2. J. Cody Jones – 9.08 – $5,500
  3. Colton Kofoed -9.32 – $2,500
  4. Tyler Forsberg -9.43 – $1,000
  5. Kala’i Nobriga – 9.94 – $500

American Contender Tournament Central Region qualifiers

  1. Shane Hanchey – 7.71 – $10,000
  2. Dylan Hancock – 8.01 – $5,500
  3. Lane Livingston -8.03- $2,500
  4. John Douch – 9.00 – $1,500
  5. Joel Harris – 9.62 – $500

American Contender Tournament East Region qualifiers

  1. Westyn Hughes – 7.88- $10,000
  2. Michael Otero – 8.78 – $5,500
  3. Zack Cargle – 9.29 – $2,500
  4. James Berry – 13.09 – $1,500
  5. Kincade Henry – 16.82 – $500

How’s that $1 million work?

The American Rodeo will feature 10 competitors in each event. Five are invited based on world standings and 2023 American Rodeo finishes, and five are from the American Contender Finals in Abilene. The champion in each discipline will earn $100,000.

The $1 million comes into play for those who advanced through the Contender Tournament. If a contender wins at The American Rodeo on Mar. 9, they’re set to split $1 million with any other contender champions.

In 2023, Jackie Crawford won The American Rodeo after qualifying through the Contender Tournament, and split the $1 million prize with calf roper Ty Harris, who was also a contender. Crawford went home with $600,000 that day. ($100,000 for the event win plus half of the $1 million).

What is the American Rodeo Contender Tournament?

The American Contender Tournament West, Central and East Regional Semi-Finals attract qualifiers from both coasts as well as the Central United States to compete in the re-imagined tournament style format in hopes of making it all the way to The Crown Jewel of Rodeo™ —The American Rodeo 2024.

In 2023, more than 2,500 rodeo athletes competed across the country to vie for a chance at the $1-million bonus on the line if they made it to The American Rodeo, earning impressive money along the way. Guaranteed prize money is upwards of $540,000 for the Regional Semi-Finals and Finals.