Calf Report: The American Rodeo Tie-Down Calves
Calves are a large part of going fast in tie-down roping, and The American Rodeo ropers looking to cash in on anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million will be studying up.
Shad Mayfield getting off his horse to tie a calf.
Shad Mayfield is bringing the tie-down calves to The 2024 American Rodeo.

The tie-down ropers competing at The American Rodeo have a chance to win more money in a single run than anywhere else in rodeo on Saturday, Mar. 9, 2024, at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

When it comes to tie-down roping, good calves are a large part of the equation. A medium plus calf that runs straight and true is ideal, and half of the field competing on Saturday, Mar. 9, 2024 have a chance at $1 million.

Who is supplying The American Rodeo tie-down calves?

2020 PRCA Tie-Down World Champion Shad Mayfield is supplying the calves.

What’s American Rodeo tie-down calves history?

These tie-down calves are fresh, having been to one jackpot last week. They had one more run put on them at the break in.

“The tie-down calves are as even as you can get,” Mayfield said. “They’re a stout set of calves and should be even straight across. They told me to bring 18 calves so we have extras.”

The final four calves are all Charolais, and are an even group as well.

Will the tie-down ropers get to see them before Saturday?

All American tie-down competitors were invited to a break in at an indoor arena in Granbury, Texas, on Thursday morning, although it’s unclear if any attended.

The calves will be run through at Globe Life Field on Saturday morning.

About The American Rodeo

The American Western Weekend March 8th & 9th, 2024 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas features action-packed entertainment, world-class talent and western sports that culminates with The American Rodeo. Hailed as The Crown Jewel of Rodeo™, The American Rodeo is an unrivaled celebration of the pioneering spirit of the American West. The national sporting event offers fans a unique choice – to cheer on western sports’ finest, champion athletes, or root for the underdog “Contenders” chasing a $1 million bonus – through every rodeo, roping and riding effort.