Tie-Down Roping’s Top-Three Fourth-of-July Money Winners & Where They Won

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Ty Harris—the four-time NFR qualifier from San Angelo, Texas—topped the field of tie-down ropers over ProRodeo’s Cowboy Christmas run, netting $40,562 from the rodeos held between the start of the Greeley (Colorado) Stampede to the conclusion of Basin City, Washington over the Fourth of July week. Harris is now seventh in the PRCA world standings thanks to the massive boost from the week with $63,845.19 in earnings on the year. A full 63.53% of Harris’s season earnings thus far came from Cowboy Christmas.

Ty Harris’s Big Paydays: $40,562

  • Greeley Stampede, Greeley, Colorado
    • First, second round, 7.3: $4,623
    • Fifth, short round, 10.3: $509
    • Fifth, average, 26.8 on three: $3,316
  • World’s Oldest Rodeo, Prescott, Arizona
    • Third, second round, 8.8: $1,907
    • Sixth, average, 19.8 on two: $1,476
  • Cody Stampede, Cody, Wyoming
    • Fourth, 8.5: $5,687
  • Eugene ProRodeo, Eugene, Oregon
    • Ninth, 9.8: $1,011
  • Ponoka Stampede, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
    • First, first round, 7.6: $3,862.16
    • Fourth, final round, 9.1: $250
    • First, average, 26.6 on three: $5,793.24
    • First, Showdown, 9.0: $8,250

The 2013 World Champion Shane Hanchey slid into the second-place spot in Cowboy Christmas’s top earners in the tie-down roping, having won $23,930. Hanchey is now ninth in the PRCA world standings with $61,296—meaning a full 39% of his current total earnings came from the Fourth of July.

Shane Hanchey’s Big Paydays: $23,930

  • Greeley Stampede, Greeley, Colorado
    • First, short round, 8.3: $1,639
    • First, average, 25.2 on three, $6,934
  • St. Paul Rodeo, St. Paul, Oregon
    • Sixth, first round, 8.7: $1,202
    • Fifth, second round, 8.6: $3,895
    • First, average, 17.3 on two: $6,379
  • Oakley Independence Day Rodeo, Oakley City, Utah
    • Fifth, 7.6: $3,895

Shad Mayfield sits No.2 in the PRCA world standings, nearing the $100,000-mark with $98,013 as of July 10, 2023. He won $20,162 over the Fourth, meaning 20.6% of his current earnings come from the Fourth.

Shad Mayfield’s Big Paydays: $20,162

  • Greeley Stampede, Greeley, Colorado
    • Seventh, First Round, 8.3: $469
    • Seventh, Second Round, 8.1, $352
    • Second, Average, $5,578
    • Third, Finals, $932
  • St. Paul Rodeo, St. Paul, Oregon
    • Second, First Round, 8.2: $3,698
    • Third, Average, 18.1 on two: $4,299
  • Killdeer Mountain Roundup PRCA Rodeo, Killdeer, North Dakota
    • First, 6.6(!): $4,834

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