Official List of 2023 NFR-Qualifying Tie-Down Ropers
The field for the 2023 NFR tie-down roping is officially set with familiar faces AND NFR rookies.
Shad Mayfield stepping off his horse to tie down his calf in the four-man round in Sioux Falls at the 2023 Cinch Playoffs Governor's Cup.
Shad Mayfield was 7.3 to win the 2023 Cinch Playoffs Governor's Cup for $25,000. | Clay Guardipee photo

The curtain closed on the 2023 ProRodeo season Saturday, Sept. 30, at the conclusion of the Cinch Playoffs Governor’s Cup in Sioux Falls, and the field for the tie-down roping at the 2023 NFR is set. 

Let’s break down the world standings earnings and earnings after this week.

2023 NFR Qualifiers

1Riley Webb$280,404.98
2Shad Mayfield$206,603.81
3Haven Meged$195,067.76
4Shane Hanchey$156,660.20
5Ty Harris$139,681.50
6Westyn Hughes$136,447.44
7Caleb Smidt$133,128.44
8Cory Solomon$129,105.72
 9Kincade Henry$127,481.34
10Blane Cox$119,607.98
11Beau Cooper$117,416.88
12Brushton Minton$116,551.48
13John Douch$115,054.18
 14Hunter Herrin$114,552.04
15Tuf Cooper$114,326.32

Shad Mayfield’s 7.3-second run in the four-man round of the 2023 Cinch Playoffs Governor’s Cup got him the inaugural win and $25,000. Between the $25,000 and what he won in the rounds, he was also able to jump to No. 2 in the tie-down roping world standings to finish off the year.

There are two NFR rookies in this year’s field: Beau Cooper and Brushton Minton. Cooper, the 22-year-old from Stettler, Alberta, enters the Finals No. 11 with $116,881.96, and Minton, the 25-year-old from Witter Springs, California, enters No. 12 with $116,551.48.

There was a nail-biting battle for the fifteenth spot in the tie-down roping world standings between Tuf Cooper and Luke Potter going into Sioux Falls. Potter was $8,828.91 behind Cooper going into Sioux Falls. With rounds paying $10,000 to win and Potter nabbing a spot in Sioux Falls but Cooper not, the stakes were high. Potter was unable to pick up a check in Sioux Falls, and Cooper prevailed when it was all said and done Cooper was able to pick up $4,477 between the Young Living’s Last Chance Rodeo in Mona, Utah, two Cumberland County Fair Rodeos in Maine and the Edmonton Pro Rodeo in Alberta.