Beau Cooper Draws Money Calf in Round 8 of 2023 NFR
The big pen of calves are back for Round 8.
Riley Webb stepping off to tie his calf down in Round 5 of the 2023 NFR.
Riley Webb in Round 5. | Jamie Arviso Photo

The pen of calves ran in Round 2 and 5 of the 2023 NFR will make their final appearance n Round 8. Canadian Beau Cooper has drawn the high-money calf of the round that has $54,974 won on her this year. Cooper has drawn calf 14, the calf Caleb Smidt won the second round on with a 7.3 and Riley Webb was second in Round 5 on with a 7.4.

Calf 23 is another winner. Smidt won the fifth round on this calf with a 6.9-second run. Of note, Smidt has dominated on this pen of calves, winning both Round 2 and 5. Here’s who’s got which calf tonight.

CalfRound 2Round 2 TimeRound 5Round 5 TimeTotal Money Won So Far
Riley Webb15Ty Harris18.5Blane Cox19.60
Tuf Cooper58Hunter HerrinNTJohn Douch8.90
Hunter Herrin2Tuf Cooper7.6Cory Solomon15.1$18,325
John Douch26Blane Cox  8.6Haven Meged8.1$17,830
Brushton Minton42Kincade Henry8Westyn Hughes17.7$7,924
Beau Cooper14Caleb Smidt                    7.3Riley Webb7.4$54,974
Blane Cox3Shad Mayfield    9Hunter Herrin16.20
Kincade Henry43Riley Webb9.8Ty Harris19.30
Cory Solomon37Westyn Hughes8.7Shane Hanchey8.7$4,953
Caleb Smidt67Beau Cooper     11.4Brushton Minton10.90
Westyn Hughes4Shane Hanchey 8.9Tuf Cooper10.10
Ty Harris60Jon Douch     9.7Kincade Henry8.3$7,924
Shane Hanchey53Brushton Minton9.3Shad Mayfield7.8$18,325
Haven Meged23*Was accidentally let outCaleb Smidt6.9$30,706
Shad Mayfield17Cory Solomon7.7Beau CooperNT$12,877