Introducing The Breakdown Podcast
The Breakaway Roping Journal's podcast The Breakaway Breakdown is relaunching in its third season as The Breakdown, covering both tie-down and breakaway roping.
The Breakdown podcast returns for Season Three with big changes benefiting the breakaway and tie-down industries. | Click Thompson

In its third season, The Breakaway Roping Journal’s podcast The Breakaway Breakdown is officially relaunching as The Breakdown, powered by The Breakaway Roping Journal and

Each week, new hosts Taylor Vollin and Lillian Kent will introduce listeners to a top talent in “The Breakaway Breakdown,” and “The Tie-Down Breakdown,” segments. Taylor and Lillian are both seasoned digital editors at the Equine Network and are stepping into the spotlight, promising new changes and engaging content for both breakaway ropers and tie-down ropers. 

In this episode, former Breakaway Breakdown host, Casey Allen, officially announces the podcast’s relaunch and introduces listeners to the new hosts, giving an insight into what’s in store for your new-and-improved favorite podcast.

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Taylor Vollin joined the Equine Network in early 2023 and predominantly works on the team roping side, manning The Short Score podcast and digital news coverage for The Team Roping Journal.

Meet the Hosts

Tie-Down Roping Host Taylor Vollin

Hailing from Salinas, California, Taylor brings a wealth of rodeo knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for the industry. Having grown up immersed in the sport and now engaged to a calf roper, Taylor’s journey from competitor to journalist has given her a unique perspective on calf roping.

Breakaway Roping Host Lillian Kent

Lillian Kent joined the Equine Network in late 2022. With a background in the Western performance horse industry, Lillian brings a unique perspective to the breakaway arena.

Lillian, originally from rural West Texas, offers a different view of breakaway shaped by her experiences in horse shows and Western performance horse media. 

Together, the new hosts of The Breakdown represent a blend of backgrounds and expertise that promise to deliver comprehensive coverage of tie-down and breakaway roping.

As The Breakdown evolves into two distinct segments, Taylor and Lillian are poised to take listeners on a deep dive through the world of rodeo. From in-depth profiles of athletes to timely news updates and heartfelt horse stories, the podcast aims to offer something for everyone. With their shared dedication to the sport and a commitment to excellence in journalism, Taylor and Lillian are ready to lead the podcast into its next chapter, providing listeners with engaging content and a deeper understanding of the rodeo community.