Resistol Rookie of the Year
Dylan Hancock is the 2023 tie-down roping Resistol Rookie of the Year.
Dylan Hancock Wins 2023 Resistol Tie-Down and All-Around Rookie of the Year
Double Threat Chet Weitz Battles Through Resistol Rookie Year
Dylan Hancock calf roping at Heber City in 2023.
Dylan Hancock Takes Resistol Rookie Lead
Joel Harris dismounts in pursuit of his calf.
Joel Harris Seizes No. 1 Rookie Spot after $11K Cowboy Christmas
Dylan Hancock_Woodward2023_PhilKitts
Resistol Rookie Race is Tight Heading Into the Summer
Joel Harris - 08S_0275
The Contenders Gunning for 2023 Resistol Rookie of the Year